Atelier Katzengold

Here is my workplace! I tattoo in the beautiful studio Katzengold in Ratingen. As a rule, I only have one customer a day - so I have a lot of time for you!


How does a tattoo appointment work for you?

After you arrive well-rested, we will discuss any remaining questions regarding the design and the part of the body to be tattooed. Then you fill out a consent form that allows me to engrave the desired motif into your skin. In addition, allergies and other medical information are noted on this declaration. I create a stencil of the motif, which is then transferred to your skin, similar to an adhesive tattoo. If you are happy with the position, you can make yourself comfortable on the lounger and I will start tattooing. If necessary, short bathroom and drinking breaks are taken.

Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?

Feel free to bring ONE calm person along for moral support 🙂 Tattooing requires a lot of concentration and too much hustle and bustle makes the work more difficult for me and the process more unpleasant for you.

Do you tattoo clients who are under 18 years old?

No, basically not. Not even with parental consent or presence.

I have illness XY, can I still get a tattoo?

I have no medical training and cannot (and above all may!) provide no information about this. Please discuss your tattoo request with your doctor.

Can you tattoo over scars?

This is usually doable. The scars should heal within 2-3 years. It's best if I take a look at the relevant location or you send me photos. Then we can discuss together what is possible.